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Our Story Time

Date: March 26, 2020 Author: gitasagita Categories: Article, Events, News

Who doesn’t love storytelling? Children especially love listening to a story. They are always excited asking their teachers and parents to tell them a story. Listening to a story at the very young age has a lot of benefits for them. Telling a story to our children can also create a strong bonding between us.



In TKK 5 School Library, we’d like to tell our students stories from our book collection for every twice a month. But in this academic year (2019-2020) is a bit unusual, because we invited our students’ parents to visit the school library and asked them for telling a story for their children and classmates on every Tuesday and Wednesday of the end of the month, at the library time.


After socialising this program at the parents meeting in the last August, the parents who wanted to be a storyteller could fill the form and be ready for the schedule. They were free to choose what story they wanted to tell for.

As expected, our students were really excited every time the parents came to the library and told them an interesting story.



For, our students’ parents. We would like to thank for every effort and time that you gave for supporting this program. We really appreciate it. May God always bless you.